Technical Service

Customised products – Innovation

At U Kyu Family we have an adequate solution to nearly any problem. Every baker can be certain to find what he/she is looking for among the many flour varieties. We will help you to find a suitable solution specifically customized for your bakery. Our baking expert are ready to assist you during baking.

Individual coaching and training

Our baking expert and engineers will come to your bakery in order to solve any problem that surfaces. We will provide on-site coaching and ensure the best and most delicious end result.


We deliver intensive baking lessonsusing scientific approach in our baking school twice per year. Each training course lasts 10 days.

Whether you’re new to baking, or a professional looking to elevate your skill, our instructors are here to help you learn. The small class sizes encourage one-on-one learning, and our instructors love to be in the classroom with you.

Contact us to book for your spot in the class.